EPCs for landlords

EPCs for landlords

Energy performance certificates (EPCs) give potential tenants a clear view of how energy efficient a property is. It is a legal requirement for a property to have a valid EPC in place if a landlord wishes to let their property. KP Living can arrange for an energy performance certificate to be commissioned on your behalf.

Once obtained, an EPC is valid for 10 years and shows the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a property, providing with tenants with an indication of the potential fuel bills. It is shown as two graphs; the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the property – and is graded from A (the best) to G (the worst).

As a lower grade is indicative of higher fuel bills, the theory is that the better rating a property receives, the more appealing it is to potential tenants. The EPC gives recommendations on what a landlord can do to improve the overall energy efficiency of a property. The EPC will list the current rating, along with a potential rating which may be achieved if the recommendations made are acted upon.

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